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Who is costas mandylor dating

Is the door where Duclair seemingly exits from Halawa really on the outside of the building and there are no other guards between the place he is confined and the entrance gate where we have seen people leaving the place in the past?

Danno goes to visit Rey, who is still mulling over whether she wants to be part of Five-Zero.

Back at the Five-Zero office, Grover is still pissed about Mi Zchief Wright's connection, via his deceased hacker brother, to his daughter's kidnapping and confinement.

He brings Samantha to the blue-lit room "to see the brother of the man who kidnapped her three years ago [who he describes as a "monster"] and made her life a living hell." I was worried for a moment that Grover was going to pull a totally apeshit number on Wright, like he did with his former partner in S06E13, but his daughter gives him a big hug, which brings him back to his senses.

He goes back to Tao and gives him and his two sons the same gross treatment, and then goes after Miz Chief, the guy who got him out of jail.

Just as he has drenched Wright with gasoline, Rey shows up at Wright's place, having decided Five-Zero's offer is worth considering.

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Kong), who lost a lot of product and one of his lieutenants in a fire the week before.