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Updating pidgin

I think you said you were using Live Messenger service, so maybe something is wrong with their server...? and have almost no trouble, especially not with the buddy list updating. I'm not sure if you can use Live Messenger with it, but it's worth looking into if you don't like Pidgin. Ah, I assumed you were using WLM as well so I thought you were talking about a specific WLM server.

As I said in post #2, my Facebook contacts do get updated so I assume it's WLM specific and since a friend of mine has it on Windows, it has to be some WLM Pidgin combination that isn't working after the latest update.

i want the newest version of 2.4 or whatever it is.

If you do not close down windows all the information is rolled up into what appears to be the day you opened the jabber window.

This makes it hard to work out what was said on what day.

I suggest having a list directories that are searched for in order, for example: - %PURPLEHOME%\.purple\protocols - %PURPLEHOME%\.purple\icons - %PURPLEHOME%\.purple\smilies - %Program Files(x86)%\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\protocols What steps will reproduce the problem? Add a custom protocol icon to the pixmaps\pidgin\protocols directory within the Pidgin installation directory. With the pidgin-icon-override plugin installed and enabled, create an account that uses the custom protocol icon. Assert that the custom protocol icon is visible in the account list.

An alternative solution: instead of searching one or more pre-set directories for the icon, allow the user to select a specific image file using an 'Open file' type dialog, like that which is used to select a buddy icon for an account.

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I generally leave the jabber client logged in, and rarely close down windows.

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