Updating map in nuvi

Posted by / 22-Feb-2017 01:02

Updating map in nuvi

The update to my 3597 clone completed in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Thanks to Here (or whoever) as well at the state or county for updating the roadway info.mblanc01, could you please edit your post to revise the Subject to Garmin Map Update 2017.10 is out?That will help folks know that this is NOT the "When will 2017.10 be available?I can't recall whether I saved it off of my 3597 or 3790, a few map updates ago, but the one I use on both units is 1.14 GB or 1,227,325,440 bytes, or twice as big as the one your using. What I don't remember is what is gained by using the larger file ... It has just 54.8MB of free space so I expect this to be the last full map update for it, and with so little free space, I do wonder if it'll tend to crash more often.Hard to tell since it's only a backup device for me and hasn't been used on the road for quite a while. Also, my results are with a 855 that has had most or all foreign language files removed, but does have six TTS English voices and several non-TTS voices installed.

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I'll try an update or two this morning and report back if any issues arise. Yes, I was expecting a map update any day now, but was surprised to see the version number.

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