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This information is for Recognition Server 3.0, 3.5, 4.0. Plug your existing Recognition Server Dongle into an USB Port! To do it, you need a serial number and i Key 1000 key.

Expand the archive on a computer with internet access 3. Dongle Dongle Update allows you to manually add a licence to the hardware key.

Method 1 Download the setup program for ABBYY Fine Reader for Scan Snap™ 5.5 and install the software with the program.

I attended two back-to-back sessions from the SDK track in the first round of breakouts at the 2017 ABBYY Technology Summit.

The details here are primarily of interested to technical developers who are working with ABBYY products (or planning to), but the amount of new information shows a good rate of innovation.

This was a fast high-level update, although more detail than we saw in the analyst briefing yesterday; there will be more information coming in later breakout sessions.

They also discussed turning on the Fine Reader Engine log file to track down performance problems, since it tracks and timestamps every engine call plus any errors that are thrown, and walked through various sources of developer help on their site and bundled with the SDK.

There are a lot of interesting sessions at the conference: even with only three tracks, I’m having trouble deciding what to attend in some time slots.

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