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Shakespeare fishing reel dating

The extension 35 is reinforced by webs 36, as shown, for enhanced strength and rigidity.

Retrieval of paid out fishing line may be effected in reels of this type by a spinner head mounted on a rotatable main shaft carried by the reel frame and driven by a crankshaft appropriately geared therewith.The rear cover 13 is generally cup-shaped and has locking detents (not shown) arrayed at its inner forwardmost edges. The actuator 21 is secured to the posts by rivets 22 and further includes, at its distal end, an integral concavity 23 which engages a mating convex projection 24 formed on the rearwardmost end If a line brake actuator 125.A pivotable thumb button 14 is journaled for limited swinging movement by integral perforated brackets 15. This improved thumb button arrangement provides sensitive control and accommodates limited overt,avel when the thumb button 14 is depressed to actuate the ine brake during the initial stages of casting, as will be appreciated.1-3, the new reel includes a closed housing comprised of a front frusto-conical cover 10, a cylindrical housing body 16, and a rear cover 13.The front cover has a central line guide 11 disposed at its forwardmost portion and locking detents (not shown) disposed at its inner rearmost cylindrical edges. 2, the thumb button 14 is of generally hollow construction and includes integral posts 20 of overtravel line from which a bent spring actuator 21 is cantilevered.

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