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“No one ever realizes that they can a can work up to that.Debt consolidation loans do allow people to pay off their credit cards.“Everyone wants the biggest and best right off the start.

He also said talking to a financial planner, your accountant or even someone in your family who understands finances is a good step to do before signing any new loans.Whichever refinancing option you choose in order to lower the interest rates you are paying on consumer debt, it’s important to look at the fine print so that you clearly understand all fees, closing costs and interest rate rules associated with the new loan option you are considering.It’s wise not to agree to any type of refinance loan until you understand exactly what you are getting.For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to consolidate a car loan that you’ve been paying on for four years and only have one year left.“Most of the car payment is now going toward principal.

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“At least this way, you are making some level of an informed decision.

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