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Michael's main focus within his coaching is to help people absolve any past relationship struggles, and to help his clients turn their focus on themselves and how to be the very best person they can be before stepping back out into the dating scene.You are receiving this Newsletter because you have either been to or registered for a Pre-Dating Speed Dating (formerly Dating) event in the past, have requested and currently receive our twice monthly event schedule notifications for your city, or have interacted with one of our Event Coordinators at a networking event, trade show, etc. We only send emails to those who request them (what's the value of sending stuff to people who never asked for it anyway? If you no longer wish to receive our emails, follow the instructions below.Keep in mind by opting out of our National Newsletter, you also opt out of our local singles event schedule email notifications.

So if you want to discuss how to apply this commitment to your particular life situation, please reach out to me and take advantage of the FREE 30-minute coaching session I offer to anyone who wants to explore this or any issue that might be keeping them from attracting lasting love.You can reach me at [email protected] be sure to visit my website at In this crazy new world of dating, we know you have tons of questions that need answering!One of our main objectives when hiring a new coordinator in any city is knowing that the candidate understands the customers needs, and can empathize with the struggles, and fears local singles have!As a coordinator, you must also be prepared to utilize social media marketing, be able to hit the town during happy hours to spread the word, and have a good sense of what works and doesn't work to get the word out there.

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The masculine partner craves the radiant life force of the feminine so he can be rejuvenated and inspired to succeed in his quest for freedom.

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