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A friend of mine and I were chilling at Side Street off of Belmont last week, and the topic of dating came up.It shouldn't be too far fetching to believe this, but we were the only women of color in the establishment, my friend being of Indian descent.Ariel Hawkins says hours after she added the phrase "camgirl on the side.preop trans woman" to her profile, Tinder notified her through email that her account violated the app's terms of service and her account had been deleted.For about 10 minutes we both commiserated on our respective single status, but mostly at the lack of dates we were getting.We had both suffered recent heartbreak/let-downs & doing what newly miserable & jaded singles do.... I don't think men do it as profusely, or with pinache, as women do, but nonetheless there we were again.

I WILL say that if your range does not include those that employ the androgynous look, or if you are in ANY way anti-LGBTQ, that will not only significantly lower your dating pool, but will also get you many, many angry looks.

I specified interracial because I'm an African-American and have dated people of cultures outside my own.

This seems a friendlier forum of discussing this than craigslist.

Once you’ve figured out you have things in common and topics that interest you both, you can call each other and continue the conversation that way.

Of course you will want to meet our gorgeous members in real life as soon as possible too. So whether it was a nurse, psychologist, air hostess or police officer who caught your eye, don’t let them get away - get them on a date instead!

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