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Play pokemon dating sim

With each new generation of Pokemon games, they introduce new elements. There’s already a call function on the Pokegear, so one could easily ask for people’s numbers in a way that means they want to date them. Misty wears a terrible swim suit, but I’d probably still ask her out. Now, obviously you couldn’t just open it up to dating just anyone in the games.It may be worth putting the Elite Four on the list, although I’m not totally committed to the idea.Other characters should include the rival/childhood friend characters (why does Cheren wear such tight pants when he’s supposed to be ten years old? makes me all sadface when I can’t do that because then I go “wait, he’s ten years old ARGH EWW BLECH DO NOT WANT”), maybe a scattered few of the trainers you just battle along routes, and other special named characters like the Kimono girls or Eusine (I’m playing Heart Gold right now, bite me) (actually, can Eusine just date Morty? But this is an easy fix – make the character’s age adjustable, and lock certain characters out from the dating pool based on age.

That's not a glitch, it's a preview of a level from the next episode and I didn't want to spoil it!This game might not be the best technically, but honestly this whole series means a great deal to me that I have no idea what other kind of vote I could give other than 5. If you ever want to submit something to the game let me know! ~ After playing this I decided to play all your stuff and search for stuff you could improve at o3o * Moving platforms are consistently throwing you up, left and right when they change direction, sometimes it You could either look into that issue, or just run with it and experiment making it a feature * Your auto-scrolling levels usually have an enemy in the very middle of the screen.I can just tell that you put so much work into this I can’t wait to see the next episode 2Mickennxtre68 responds: Wow. I'm gonna include you as a special thanks to the next episode anyways because just wow... It leaves the player with only have half the screen usable.I really like Zoroark and Lucario and seeing people make stuff like this (fanfics, art etc) makes me feel good.Let’s me know there are more people who feel this way. I put my heart and soul into it and hear it makes people feel this way, that's exactly why I make games!

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