Php code for validating phone number

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First off we'll address that 2nd The first two parameters are fairly self-explanatory as this is an outgoing call to the user from our Twilio number.However, once the call connects, how do we control what happens next?Once you're logged in, visit the console dashboard and grab your account SID and auth token.The support article "How does Twilio's Free Trial work?If we get 404 response in return then the number isn't valid, so we add a constraint violation.Finally, we'll need to update the namespace App Bundle\Entity; use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM; use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints as Assert; use App Bundle\Validator\Constraints as App Assert; /** * @ORM\Embeddable() * @App Assert\E164Number(groups=) * @Assert\Group Sequence() */ class Phone Number We're almost ready to call the user.Add the code contained within the example class below (variable and annotation, constructor, getter/setter) to your own User class: Before making a call, we should check that the user's phone number is actually valid.

There are 4 steps you need to take before we begin verifying phone numbers: You'll need to install a couple of extra dependencies in your Symfony project: the Twilio PHP SDK so you can interact with the REST API and the FOSJs Routing Bundle to expose application URLs in Java Script.Continue adding to the With our call flow completed, we can now focus on displaying the user's verification code and automatically redirecting them to another view such as their profile page (I'll leave the route choice up to you).Add the following code to the To demonstrate what we've achieved by using my example project, here's what the user will see while they verify their phone number before being redirected: An important point to consider is the authenticity of data being sent to our Twi ML endpoint.By doing so, Twilio can make requests and respond to your application, which is crucial for testing our implementation.Start your Symfony application with the built-in PHP web-server by running the following command: From this point onward, you should access your application through the address so Symfony generates absolute URLs that are publicly accessible. If you don't already have those, here are the instructions.

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To demonstrate what we've achieved so far in the context of my example project, submitting a phone number will format it and save it to the user database.