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Unfortunately, it is not possible to manually map these special folders in Outlook to the special folders on the server in case Outlook fails to do this automatically.

To solve this, rename the folders on the IMAP servers to match the language of your installed version of Outlook.

Sometimes my move action is followed with the error:“Cannot copy the items.

You don’t have permission to create an entry in this folder.

“Actually, the November update for Outlook 2013 (KB2837618) fixes a whole lot of IMAP issues and is highly recommended.

Amongst others, the update makes sure that IMAP accounts will not repeatedly completely resynch folders, will not create duplicates of default folders, will more reliably map the special server folders and make it less likely that folders will get marked as “This computer only”.

Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t detect this automatically but you need to set it manually.In that case, you’ll need to set the the “Root folder path” property in your account configuration.Finding out whether or not this is required for you is quite easy.This also includes your Calendar and Contacts folder when they are stored within the ost-file of your IMAP account.To prevent this, you can change your configuration of Outlook 2013 in such a way that it behaves like Outlook 2010 and previous where the Calendar and Contacts folder were stored in a separate pst-file and thus fully recoverable.

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