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It is a weekly newspaper printed on Sundays in the Berliner (mid-size) format and has an average weekly circulation of 420,323 as of December 2008.

Editorial articles in The Observer are currently generally slightly to the right of its sister paper The Guardian, taking a liberal/social democratic line on most issues. Bourne on 4th December 1791, making The Observer the world’s first and oldest Sunday newspaper. The newspaper was purchased by William Innell Clement in 1814 and in 1870 Julius Beer bought the paper.

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However, in 1977 the Astors sold the newspaper to the US oil giant Atlantic Richfield (now known as ARCO), who sold the newspaper to Lonrho in 1981.

Finally, The Observer became the sister paper of The Guardian newspaper in June 1993 when it was acquired by the Guardian Media Group.

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Honestly, regardless of rumors Selena seems to be doing really well.His name is Caleb Stevens and he is the younger brother of Selena’s friend Raquelle Stevens.He posted an Instagram story of himself on the same yacht that Selena was photographed on which is what tipped everyone off. the paparazzi pics of them in New York City, it’s pretty clear this is our guy. Now that the mystery is no longer a mystery, we know that Caleb just recently graduated high school AND Raquelle has also been hanging with Selena at the same time- in both instances.The Observer was a broadsheet newspaper until 1st January 2006, changing to the Berliner or mid-size format on 8th January 2006.The Observer colour magazine (first printed 6th September 1964) is one of a number of regular supplements currently provided with the newspaper.

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Subsequently, the paper declared itself to be non-partisan (not influenced or affiliated with any one political party).

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