Nastydating relative age dating and radiometric age dating

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That’s why a nasty dating trend that’s been around for years now has a name.

So, the one we’re going to talk about today is one you might have heard about previously (in case you didn’t have the bad luck to meet someone who did it to you), which basically consists of your partner hiding you from their friends and family.

That doesn’t justify what he did, but still, the lack of true commitment to the relationship is part of what makes stashing such an awful trend.Maybe he couldn't stand them), or if he had no friends (which is also a possibility, unlikely, but still).She told me that she didn’t know much about his family because he barely talked about them and he wouldn’t allow her to visit him at his job.Perhaps they didn’t even realize they were doing it, but once you bring it up, they introduce you to their friends or family.Also, they might finally tell you about their awful relationship with their family and how they don’t want you to get involved, which is a very valid reason.


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