Matsumoto jun and inoue mao dating who are dube and davison dating

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Inoue Mao is scheduled to star in next year 2015 Taiga drama on NHK and a scandal for her right now is a no-no.But apparently, her family wants her to be married by the age of 30.Eh, the matching rings part is the only thing that makes this even half-believable.But since the Arashi members are all in their 30's now, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them did get married within the next few years.

She also comes her rights so she can direct back the behaviors, then choices off hoarding her boyfriend.

A ring that celebrates eternal love with its radiance.

Is Johnny Kitagawa planning a big bombshell to announce their marriage after her Taiga drama is finished? He's going to make them wait out for 2 - 3 more years and when she hits 30 and realizes that they'll never be together.

Lately, Inoue Mao has been seen walking her 7 year old dog named HUG in a quiet Tokyo residential area.

Rumor has it she's been staying at her parents' home and not allowed to be seen in public with Matsu Jun.

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