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I want to see how they depict a more intense, angsty vibe, so a melodrama a la 'Secret Love' would be great. i loved the acting of ji chang wook & choi tae joon.. It’s been months but I can’t seem to be able to move on from this drama.My favorite drama by a large distance, i love me some Nam ji hyun, beautiful smart and charismatic,never really thought i could watch a repeat of a korean drama but this just makes me smile with love . It must be a spell or something and this never happened to me in over a decade of drama watching.It may not be a perfect drama with tight enough writing but it sure is one of those that gets you attached to it.

The story is far from cliches Everytime we think a cliche will happen, the scenes shows a different result. I really really love this drama( suspicious partner) really love the chemistry both leads and the way they carry the drama.,word " PERFECT" is not enough to describe how awesome this highly 1 and only favorite drama for 2017.thumbs up to the cast, crew, writer, pdnim.thank you for the wonderful to ji chang wook and nam ji fans we love you so much.

Even through heavy pressure from Hee-Joon's father (who is the chief of the district prosecutor's office), Ji-Wook finds evidences to proves Bong-Hee's innocence and sets her free.

Due to this incident, Ji-Wook quits his job as a prosecutor and becomes a lawyer.

Bong-Hee attempts to find the person who murdered her ex-boyfriend.

2 years later, Bong-Hee and Ji-Wook meet again, but on opposing sides.

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Their skills are on par and match each other point-for-point through the smoothly flowing moods created across the narrative.

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