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Less intimidating to

Evaluate their skills vs the difficulty of the tasks - are they capable?If no delivery continues, care about them, then go to level two.I would rather be a democratic leader, but unless I apply pressure to them, they don’t hit deadlines.Because of this approach, I probably come across as very harsh and I think the team is afraid to communicate with me.You need them to take responsibility for their work, but micromanagement gives your responsibility for the work.The monkey is on the wrong back - at no time does their lack of delivering become your problem. Take their feedback, but don't let it go to excuses...there are no excuses in the professional world.

Bottom line - someone who won't deliver doesn't belong in a project based organization. There should be public notice of the standard of delivery.

Though the program is still new and Olson is working to recruit students, the Minneapolis Police Department was the first to allow its personnel to participate in the class during regular work shifts (provided an officer has the permission of his or her supervisor).

Other agencies that have followed suit include the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office as well as Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Columbia Heights police departments.

It can take years to learn a new language, so don't get upset when recent immigrants don't know English yet.

And police with command of some language skills can allay immigrant fears.

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Break jobs down to 1 week chunks of work (use your corporate standard work week).

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