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— You are receiving this because you were mentioned.

If in past the update from a version before 3.7.0 to version 3.7.0 has not fixed the problem for some reason, then updating to 3.7.3 will not change anything.

Guys, please test #16577 (issue tracker link see here), otherwise the issue might not be solved with 3.7.3, and other people will run into the same trouble with menus being messed up when updating a version lower than 3.7.0 to 3.7.3. I just upgraded multiple sites (25 in total) from 3.7.2 to 3.7.3 and found out that some entries in the menu where missing.

I then check #__menu and I still can see that the menutype for com_banners, com_messages, com_newsfeeds_categories and a lot others are still on "menu" rather then on "main".

So or so it seems to me that the 3.7.0 was not clean somehow.

@Bastian Wie It was already solved in 3.7.0, but that has caused issues for others who had user-defined menus for the frontend.

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See the instructions on how to update in the Joomla! When you update with the old method, DML (data manipulation language, i.e. And so then you update in that way, the fix from 3.7.0 for the menu type names is not performed. update component, the complete schema update scripts will be run once if necessary, and so also the fix from 3.7.0 (which was corrected in 3.7.3) will be run, and all will be ok.

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