Godly dating tips

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Godly dating tips

on ice cream, we probably all need to have a DTR (Define the Relationship) on the topic.

For some it’s a social convention and for others it’s something to “kiss goodbye.” So what’s a godly girl to do? Or has God given us guidelines for dating relationships that can keep us somewhere between living in heartbreak and living in a convent?

Allow the godly friends in your life to hold you accountable.Will you be able, generally speaking, to serve God better together than apart?Will you be able to accomplish ministry (be it your original plan or one that you have caught a vision for through this person) more effectively together than apart? Look at the roles laid out there for men and women.Also, what do others (those that both of you have been seeking counsel from, under whose authority the relationship has taken place, Christian friends or family) think of the relationship? Does the relationship seem to be good for both of you spiritually, glorifying to God and Christ-centered?Finally, is there an affection for this person in my heart and mind based on the way God has defined biblical manhood and womanhood?

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Side note: Praying together as a couple early on can seriously escalate a relationship.

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  1. Sheikh Abdul Khaleq Buhaisi, another official with the Sharia Council, which has authority over weddings, said he preferred more traditionally arranged marriages, often through a khattaba — a woman who pays home visits in the company of the groom’s mother to search for brides.

  2. Plus, I've made an important decision; if ever a guy tells me I'm fat again, it won't feel like the elephant in the room, next time, I've decided I'm going to take it as a compliment.