Geek 2 geek dating website single parents dating in victoria

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Geek 2 geek dating website

Once again I've had to resort to going out under the Daystar and finding dates the old-fashioned way...By going up to women and talking to them I've actually always had a pretty strong distrust for the idea of online dating services.As it stands today in my personal opinion the best dating site online is Adult Friend Finder, that being said in my personal opinion I think the best place for geeks to meet geeks is probably and to a lesser degree

That's actually the site where I met my wife (and found a job, three apartments, a motorcycle helmet, a couch, etc.) Now, it does have a large population of freaks, but my wife is still convinced that it's the absolutely best site for girls looking for geeks to date. Most intelligent guys won't pay for personals when there's free ones.I have seen profiles of geeks but I’ve never met one using Adult Friend Finder.The being said Adult Friend Findercaters to an adult crowd and if you actively participate in Adult Friend Finder you can see why it’s membership has continued to grow since 1999.Ah well, if I could find a good spoon I'd dig that part out and toss it away Huh, you'd think a site like that wouldn't have any problems finding a geek to fix their code.The site I really liked for finding geeks (or geek friendly girls) was

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2.) In the bay area at least, it's the de facto source for job & apartment hunting for most techies.

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