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- yours Ekaterina mailto:[email protected], my dear Bill!! The only reason I knew this was not her home mailing address is that I was also writing to Julia Grechuha at the exact same time and they both gave me the same home mailing address of the agency and also had some of the exact same wording in their letters to me on the very same day, how stupid can you be ( obvious scam alert).

For example, I want to know, what is your most favorite dish, what do you like to do in free time.It is a shame that she, or someone, is working this scam.They should have read my first letter to them where I said that I was formerly married to a Russian woman and was familiar with these situations. In a first possibility today I came to the Internet cafe to check my mail.. I have strong feeling, like I have received a charge of energy for all day.Yesterday I saw sex dream about us with you, it(he) very much has liked me also I want To tell it(him) to you.Me has dreamed as we with you we meet, as you take Me on arms(hand), we go to you home.

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I was contacted by Katy03 through a local singles website in my city.