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Flirt sxs free

Category: Download love messages :: "You are so special to me that without you the magic would end, spring would be winter and my heart would cease to believe in love." Category: Download love messages :: "From my conception, my destiny was written.

I grew up bearing your image in my mind, not knowing if you were real, not knowing if you existed.

" Category: Download love messages :: "I miss you because you were the one who supported me before the tempest, the one who motivated me when I felt I could no longer continue, the one who always pushed me go ahead, because you are the one who held my hand when everyone had gone." Category: Download love messages :: "Without really wanting, you came into my days and I did not want you to go again, because you bring light to any place, no matter how dark it could have been, so I would like to thank you and tell you all you mean the world to me. " Category: Download love messages :: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is what comes without warning, without being expected or anticipated and that which makes us float in the sky, feel as if we were living pure magic and in a world where everything is possible. " Category: Download love messages :: "When I close my eyes I imagine you perfectly, it is like as if I could see you.

I do not know at what time I memorized every curve and corner of your lips, that mouth which leads me to madness and makes me dream without remedy.

It's because you totally enchant me, from head to toe, you drive me crazy, you wrap me in your love and I do not ever want to release this nice thing we have, my love." Category: Download love messages :: "You have so much love and affection within you and I am glad that it is all for me.I am the proud owner of your heart and I promise to give you my love every single day.I want the beat of our hearts to keep us together and that your love never leaves my heart." Category: Download love messages :: "One of the things that makes me happy, is to have the chance to see you when I wake up and knowing that, as you are mine, I am also completely yours.

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When we are in love, it is as if our eyes took a different filter that allows us to see the most vivid colors, even to feel the sweetest aromas and it greatly improves our mood.

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