Error validating the digital signature of the updated manifest

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Error validating the digital signature of the updated manifest

The keys are related mathematically, but the parameters are chosen so that calculating the private key from the public key is either impossible or prohibitively expensive Figure 1 shows a simplified view of the way a digital signature can be used to validate the integrity of signed data.Figure 1 shows two items transferred to the recipient of some signed data: the original data and the digital signature, which is basically a one-way hash (of the original data) that has been encrypted with the signer's private key.This section describes how public-key cryptography addresses the problem of tampering.Tamper detection and related authentication techniques rely on a mathematical function called a one-way hash (also called a message digest).To validate the integrity of the data, the receiving software first uses the signer's public key to decrypt the hash.It then uses the same hashing algorithm that generated the original hash to generate a new one-way hash of the same data.

In other words, any database change that occurs in subscribers will be committed or rolledback depending of the overall response status.

If they don't match, the data may have been tampered with since it was signed, or the signature may have been created with a private key that doesn't correspond to the public key presented by the signer.

If the two hashes match, the recipient can be certain that the public key used to decrypt the digital signature corresponds to the private key used to create the digital signature.

The purpose of this document is to help inform the specification of XML signatures by providing specific examples of signature problems that should be considered and, whenever possible, solved by the XML Signature specification.

Each example begins with text describing the problem.

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