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Co-produced by Innocent Pictures and Dogma 95 proponent Lars von Trier's Zentropa Productions, this foreign film (released in different versions with varying degrees of sexuality) was directed by Jessica Nilsson.

He was very arrogant, showy always trying to make fun of others and trying to prove himself a very smart asshole. One day while I was entering the classroom he intentionally pushed me from behind which made me lose balance and fall on to the floor. He felt more angry though it was he who started all, and bad mouthed me as well, while he moved forward poking his mighty tightened chest muscles. But the scene ended as teacher entered the classroom.

" I could feel his strong breath on my cheeks and neck! He got up and pulled my pants and undergarments vigorously! The cum on my dick kind of gave a good lube for fapping. I wide opened my mouth releasing a moan as I hit the orgasm.. my cum lasted few spoons while he had showered me with his quantity. I left home thinking a way to explain a good reason at my home for my pathetic condition of getting the cloths dirty and torn .. My classmates at school used to wonder why sam has soft heart at me while he continued to trouble rest of the pupil and school.. We used to meet in the same place almost everyday in the evening, I loved being his bitch, obey him and liked getting overpowered by him and his manly masculine boner.

he continued "He warned me that you would complain to teacher nah? I will do something you won't be able to tell anyone! He pulled his pants down a bit to expose his huge mighty balls and thick pubic hairs. I had only grown few mm pubic hairs around my dick .. He hugged me tightly from behind as he jerked last inch of his meet deep into me.. I massaged my nipples, chest and stomach with his cum as I stroked penis hard with right hand.

And suddenly I felt someone approaching me from behind, before I could turn around I felt a mighty push, I lost my balance completely and fell on ground!

It hurt me hand and knees, I recovered and looked back in shock to see Sam standing there! what .." before I could complete what I was saying he lifted holding my left ankle and punched hard on left cheek !

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but in a fraction of a second he squeezed and spread my ass cheeks apart once more and pushed himself in .. I could feel the stiffness and his manliness right inside me, that made me blush and aroused.. I kept the left eye closed and opened right eye to check my erotic pathetic condition after cum shower ..

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