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Datingfront com

Debbie had the kind of breasts that drew men's attention. From an engineering perspective, I always wondered how breasts so full and a bottom so rounded could be wrapped around such a tight little waist.Or why this Venus would be balanced on legs so long and delicately crafted.She enjoyed the compliments, but even in marriage she was still a shy woman lacking in confidence.And we all knew who was really scoring with Debbie.I believed I was a damn good engineer who could reason through any problem and find a favorable solution. I wondered to myself how someone with her ravishing good looks could be so reserved.

I joined a long list of men on campus who were determined to make Debbie theirs. But I could see in her something that made me think I might have a chance with her. And even at that time, I believed I wasn't just an engineering student.However, once he and she get to know one another better, they begin to wonder if perhaps they should rethink their whole “non-dating” status, until each finds out what the other does for a living, and he bolts.The following story describes the sexual conquest of a beautiful but forbidden fruit.I helped him with school work (which seemed to be a frequent need). I was happy to be nearby to receive some of the reflected glow. She was the only women I'd ever seen who looked as though she was always ready to be kissed.My luck on the dating front took a dramatic turn for the best during my senior year. Debbie was shy, but when she looked at a man and smiled, he usually melted into a puddle of adoration. Their roundness and fullness were matched by the flare of her hips.

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When we met, he was the slick, lady's man, I the studious engineer. Debbie stood 5'-7", with blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders and framed the brightest blue eyes I'd ever seen.

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