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'It's definitely not a question of providing free boob jobs for servicewomen,' he said.This is for those who have developed serious psychological problems.Now we have to live the after life that breast cancer gave to us. Breast implants have always been controversial—and reality TV stars such as Heidi Montag and the Real Housewives haven't exactly helped their cause.And although we all know that looks aren't everything, to us it is.We have to learn to love the scars and the bumps and the bruises amassed along the way. So I spent a long time searching for a solution, but that's another story.

Last night the news brought accusations that the Ministry of Defence is wasting scarce resources at a time when the forces are desperately short of manpower and equipment.'If the problems continue following counselling and other treatment, then a breast implant will be considered as an absolute last resort.' And given that it costs thousands of pounds to recruit and train soldiers, he added: 'It cannot be argued that this is a waste of money if it means that those concerned can continue to perform their jobs properly.' Breast implant surgery is financed from the Mo D's general medical services budget, and defence chiefs claim the qualifying criteria remain the same as in civilian life.'It is consistent with national practice, and mirrors the service provided for people with psychological problems who seek such operations in the NHS,' they say.Since then women from all three services have benefited from similar operations.The four known operations this year have taken place at the Royal Hospital Haslar in Hampshire.

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Mr Duncan Smith cited the decisions to split the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at a cost of £370million; to transfer the Army's northern HQ from York to Edinburgh as a 'gesture' to bolster Labour support in Scotland; and to write off Mo D bookkeeping errors, at a cost of more than £300million.

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