Dating salt and pepper shakers eight rules for dating my daugher

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He believed that could be the answer to high energy costs.

It is an old Yankee tradition to dream of inventing a better mouse trap or improving the quality of life.

Feather has just dented the cover of the salt shaker trying to loosen enough salt to flavor his potatoes and turnips.

In 1881 Thomas Brown patented a novel idea in a vibrator-type agitator, now called Coil Top (Fig. It consisted of a “helix spiral wire cap” wound into a beehive shape with one end protruding vertically into the bottle. That described its weakness also because the spaces were designed to dispense salt allowed moisture to enter and cake the salt.

Salt would be loosened by turning the cap on the bottle or by depressing the loosely wound wire cover. In spite of this, apparently quite a few were produced because they are found in clear glass and in milk glass.

The gasket which must have sealed the bottom is missing.

Charles Gilbert was granted a patent very similar to this.

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The name Parker is included in the pattern on the glass. Another was patented in 1873 by Daniel Ripley as an “Improvement in salt and pepper dredges.” (Fig. A glass vial for pepper screws into a threaded socket in the cover and hangs into the main bottle which contains salt.

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