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Dating on beadenkopf

Our machine is hermetically sealed, and consequently there can be no escape as or odors. ADVANTAGES, olute safety, escape of gas or other lors. ' temperature and dis- mtion of heat pro- iced by the reaction Carbide in water by e excess or large quan- y of water into which falls. Maximum evolution of Acetylene gas from a given quantity of Car- bide. Easiest to put up— may be taken down and put up any k number of times; can^t sag nor get out of shape, never kinks* Write for Illustrated Catalogue and Sample. The handsomest, handiest, and best Woven Wife Fence for parks, lawns, cemeteries, or fields is the Randall Woven Loop Wire Fence. CLEVELAND'' is absolutely safe — not a valve in entire machine to become clogged. BECAUSE it produces a far more beautiful and steadier light than coal-gas or electricity, BECAUSE this light is not injurious to the eyes, and by its rays the most delicate shades of color can be distinguished as by day.

vi ^j NCHEs^ READY REFERENCE SCRAP BOOK For Newspaper Clippings. The caption alone shows upon the leaf and indexes the article. There is no guessing whether you have carbide enough in for another night or not. There are no valves to be opened or closed by forks, ratchets, or levers. The Bruce Generator is bolted to a platform, making it easy to handle for Installing. The Bruce Generator when left to do its own work will not blow off or waste the gas. Our Water Feed, on which we have been allowed a patent, has no equal. The Bruce Generator 6o., Office and Factory, 185 to 188 West Third St., St. The diverging stems are so arranged that they can be turned into alignment in an instant. Write us for descriptive circular and prices, and mention World Almanac." THE BEST OF REASONS Why You Should Be Prejudiced in Favor of THE BRUCE GENERATOR. Our Generator has a compartment carbide container, the water acting on but one pocket at a time, hence the whole charge is not brought in contact with the water at once ; thus no waste of gas, no heating of generator. You can always tell by the water tank when your machine needs re-charging. Our Purifier takes out all moisture and impurities from the gas, making it impossible for pipes to clog up or the burners to choke up and smoke. Can be turned to any size flame to one candle power by means of the little valves, one of which may be closed entirely and the other one reduced to a flame as small as desired for a night light without smoking, carbonizing, or producing a sluggish flame. Automatically a small quantity falls into water below, and as the gas is liberated from the Carbide by its contact with the water, the ht pressure produced by the gas inflates the gasometer, and automatically shuts off the feed arbide until the gas in the gasometer is let off through the service- pipes and used, and then iitomatically drops another small quantity, and repeats the operation indefinitely until you nguish the light by turning the gas off at the burner, when it automatically closes the feed il you use the gas again. The turning off of your burner will arrest the feed, and turning it lutomatically start it ; therefore it is plain that when no Carbide is fed there can be no gen - ion of gas.

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Our Generator has been on the market for the past three years and we have them installed from coast to coast. Manufactured and for sale only by the DRAKE ACETYLENE APPARATUS CO., 35 Hathaway Street, • - - - Cleveland, Ohio, Or its Agents. BECAUSE it is the BEST Acetylene Gas Gen- erator on the market, and approved by all the Underwriters' Associations.

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