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A less probable folk etymology explains the name as deriving from Baghkuy, meaning "God's town".

Baga (now بغ bagh) and kuy are the Old Persian words for "god" and "town" respectively; the name Baghkuy may be compared with Baghdād ("God-given") in which dād is the Old Persian word for "give".

Officially, about 25 percent of all inhabitants of the country live in Baku's metropolitan area. Baku is divided into twelve administrative districts (raions) and 48 townships.

Among these are the townships on the islands of the Baku Archipelago, and the town of Oil Rocks built on stilts in the Caspian Sea, 60 kilometres (37 miles) away from Baku.

Indeed, the city is renowned for its fierce winter snow storms and harsh winds.

This is also reflected in the city's nickname as the "City of Winds".

Arabic sources refer to the city as Baku, Bakukh, Bakuya, and Bakuye, all of which seem to come from a Persian name.

From the Bronze age there have been rock carvings discovered near Bayil, and a bronze figure of a small fish discovered in the territory of the Old City.

Nine million of them live in Azerbaijan, more than thirty million of them live in Iran, and the rest live in Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Europe and the USA.The Baku International Sea Trade Port is capable of handling two million tons of general and dry bulk cargoes per year.In recent years, Baku has become an important venue for international events.There are even ones with light chestnut brown hair or with blue eyes.But most of the Azeri Women have burning black or ashen hair and dark, eagle-like eyebrows.

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In the style of clothing, make-up and behavior, the are similar to the Spanish or Hispanic ones, but they are a bit more feminine and have their own kind of oriental charm.