Dating different races in the bible who is the entertainer dating

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Dating different races in the bible

QUESTION: I'm really attracted to a girl in my young adult's group.

I'm black and she is white, which is not a problem for me and I don't think it is for her. During one of our meetings she mentioned in passing how her family would not be (let's just say) "pleased" if she brought a black guy home.

God's word says 2 Corinthians -18 This is equally yoked not only in what we believe spiritually, but also in the goals and vision God has given us.

The Bible shows, however, that the group who left Egyptian bondage was anything but pure genetically.

What I would suggest in your case, and any situation where there is a “difference” – be it culture, age, or denomination, is to sit down with her parents, share with them who you are and ask them for permission to date their daughter.

I understand this may seem “old-fashioned’ or “archaic,” but if you really desire the blessing of her parents and want to her to maintain a strong relationship with them, you must respect them and be concerned for her feelings towards her family.

At the time of the Exodus there were more than 32,000 fighting men in the tribe of Manasseh and 40,500 males able to fight from Ephraim's tribe (Numbers - 35).

Some who study the topics of dating and marriage between "races" in Scripture often overlook the fact that God did not restrict who could and could not leave Egypt in the Exodus.

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Did God warn them to not intermix with or marry anyone of another nation (Egyptians, Philistines, Hittites, Amorites, etc.) in order to maintain this purity?