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Posted by / 04-May-2017 12:52

If you’re currently unsure whether your friend things about your in a romantic way, here’s our guide for what to look out for.

You always have to make the first move Is it always you that picks up the phone first?

Now, you may ~like~ Facebook’s latest feature, too — dating — and possibly fall in love in the process.

They always suggest ‘friend’ things to do On the other hand, maybe he or she does suggest things to do – but they’re always friend activities.

When they suggest a drink one evening, you have an intimate glass of wine in mind and they bring along all their mates for a boozy session in the pub.

They tell you about other conquests Imagine – you’re sat having a quiet coffee together thinking ‘This is it, he/she is finally going to make a move’, when they start telling you about this amazing man/woman they met last night.

If your ‘friend’ is telling you about members of the opposite sex they’ve noticed, then they’re sending out a very clear signal that they see you very much as a friend.

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