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Its lead pipe is made of nickel silver that makes it resistant to corrosion.

The trumpet also features a nickel silver mouthpipe, first slide saddle, third-valve slide adjusting ring and hard shell wood case.

It is appreciated for having great sound with a rich tone.

It has a first-valve sliding thumb hook in addition to an adjustable third-valve sliding finger ring.

The 590-S Capri features nickel plated silver pistons as well as hand-lapped inside slide tubing.

The nickel plated pistons allow for fast playing and also keep the instrument in shape down the road. Its Amado water keys allow the trumpet to be more free blowing than less advanced water keys.

The bore size also helps it to project loudly without losing clarity in its sound.

It has a thumb trigger located on the first valve that makes adjusting the trumpet’s intonation effortless.

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It makes a great trumpet for growing students that need an instrument closer to the professional level.