Chat virtual reality games

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Chat virtual reality games

Discover just a few of the features available in our VR systems: Virtual reality is no longer a dream.It's here – in all its stunning, three-dimensional glory.A year-long study conducted by Duke University discovered huge benefits of virtual reality technology for paraplegics.Patients wearing VR headsets tasked to move through a stadium as a soccer player were able to regain some brain functions associated with moving their legs.In business, a variety of industries are benefiting from VR.Carmakers are creating safer vehicles, architects are constructing stronger buildings and even travel agencies are using it to simplify vacation planning. Dentists may soon use virtual reality to distract patients and ease their anxiety and pain.

Doctors are using “distraction therapy” through virtual reality to help people handle pain while they undergo treatments such as physical therapy. researchers in 2017 tested VR on patients undergoing dental treatments and found its use simulating a coastal scene reduced both experienced and recollected pain compared with no VR. The game puts the user into a natural setting and guides them through deep belly breathing exercises -- calming users in about five minutes.

Simulating the real world will not only allow designers to more easily create buildings and spaces -- from lighting to flooring to foundations -- but it will also let designers test out environments before actually building them.

For example, they can realistically understand how quickly someone is able to exit the building in the case of an emergency.

A recent study tested 79 patients, outfitting one-third of them with a VR headset depicting a coastal scene, one-third with a VR cityscape and the remaining third with no VR at all.

Patients who experienced the VR coastal scene reported having “significantly less pain” than those in the other two groups.

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Designed to unleash the power of your imagination, today's VR technology delivers the ultimate in immersive gaming.

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