Cartagena colombia dating sites

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These are the main ways to find girls for sex in Cartagena, just as finding sex in Medellin or anywhere else in Colombia can be done.There are brothels all over the place staffed with very sexy Colombian ladies.The prices will vary from place to place, sometimes you can have quick sex for as low as 30,000 pesos which is around USD.Most other brothels might cost in the 50k-100k range, and a few will be higher.But there are far more expensive options around and this city has some of the most expensive nightlife in Colombia.The locations of these brothels/casas in Cartagena will change pretty often, the easiest way to find one currently will be to ask a taxi driver.

Expect the strip clubs to be much more expensive, but you also can hang out and see the girls dancing naked on stage before you make your selection.You will be paying a premium for everything, the tourist tax here is strong.Hotels, restaurants, drinks at bars, and hookers will all cost more here than most other places in Colombia.That means any time you try picking up a girl here you may be wondering if she is a hooker or not if it seems to easy.In fact you should probably always assume she is if you are hanging out in the tourist area.

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The bars are packed with prostitutes, if you want to pick up normal girls you need to do it online or head out off the beaten tourist path.