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It makes me reaffirm my Ali Wong standom because she talks so much about her Asian husband. Honestly, I’m happy she said that because we all know the underlying truth of it all.You look around Hollywood and suddenly see so many WMBF pairings popping up, often glowingly portrayed as progressive when it’s really about white dudes leeching off of the racial credibility of minority women to keep themselves on top. We’ve long been in denialism about it because we wanted to save face and not admit to our own complicity or passivity in the face of racist social pressures.The question is why did this passage suddenly spark a fiery debate now?The book itself is, in digital years, quite old as it was published in 2015.I’d even seen that passage before, but it was lightly discussed without causing much of a fuss.

I’m not going to boast that I’m all plugged into Black Twitter, but I do know these things have happened recently: During this time, I saw a lot of tweets by black women, decrying how straight black men were the “weakest links” in the fight for social justice and how they knew many black men who exhibited internalized racism in their dating preferences.

With black women and Asian men always being the ones left out, the common musing has been, ‘Well, why don’t they just hook up with each other? my personal life is of any relevance, then yes, I’ve dated black women before, both in America and in Asia.

’The passage quoted in Five Alive’s tweet eventually got picked up by Black Twitter and when I woke up on Monday morning, “Issa Rae” was trending. Once, I met a black woman in Seoul and we went on a couple of dates.

So watching the same fight in the black community is fascinating, because in terms of relative social positioning, black women are more like Asian men.

But because black women are women, they also use similar language and tactics as Asian women in framing the whole interracial dating disparity issue as feminism and women’s progress. I’ll never forget the fact that during the darker days of this whole argument within Asian America— when we didn’t have the data, studies, or even freedom to openly talk about the obvious gendered racism infecting our supposedly diverse 21st American social scene —black women were usually the outsiders who backed up Asian men online when the denialists and apologists gaslit us and talked down to us.

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I know just how infuriating it can be to have the opposite gender of your community sell you out for white acceptance.

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