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Bangalore sex hook ups

In the end, we are going to play with a tricky feature in security policies about remote excel that will allow hackers to bypass macro restrictions.

Chema Alonso is a Security Consultant with Informatica64, a Madrid-based security firm.

In this talk we are going to add ICA and Terminal Server Apps to fingerprinting process, automating data analysis using FOCA.

It will allow attacker to fingerprinting internal software, internal networks and combine the info in PTR Scanning, evil-grade attacks and command execution trough Excel files.

return to top There is a long tradition of researchers presenting at security conferences on topics that are embarrassing to a large company or government agency: ATM hacking, router vulnerabilities, Massachusetts toll road RFIDs, etc.Numerological analysis, ancient texts, and intercepted communiqués are just a few examples.Due to threats against their families, the presenters have been forced to take on assumed identities and appear only in disguise.The Schemaverse is a vast universe found purely within a Postgre SQL database.Control your fleet of ships manually with SQL commands or write AI in PL/pg SQL so they control themselves while you sit back and enjoy the con.

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He has been involved with implementing a practical level of information security in Fortune 500, TSE 100, and major public-sector corporations for more than 15 years.

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