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That is what I asked the VA to do 10 years ago when processing my disability claim.In reality, the VA disability claims process is very complex and time consuming for the veteran and the Dept of Veterans Affairs. This is your job if you choose to take it, or you’ll be older and fatter still fighting the good fight, like me. For disabled veterans with copies of their SMRs, you should get moving.VA compensation is a good thing, but it’s too bad disability compensation is such a racket. I hand wrote my initial application for disability compensation without reviewing my Service Medical Records (SMR).My claim led with the statement: “see supporting medical documentation in my file.” This was dumb.

Then, you can Google the condition on either regular Google or Google Scholar.

I was denied for these conditions right after my separation from service, in 2001. I had a sleep study in service conducted by the Fargo VA.

The VA had the records of a sleep study and was notified as such.

For example, incapacitating episodes are considered episodes that required a doctor’s visit. If it stopped hurting two years ago, then you will likely not get a rating for it. This means VA adjudicators are not following the law. One thing to consider, a bad VSO can squash your ability to appeal successfully by failing to notice shortfalls in your documentation before an appeal. You can fill out the VA claim online: and fill it out manually or request that the VA mail one to you by calling 800-827-1000. If doing this on your own, remember that there are many ways to skin a cat. For the sinus condition, you could merely state “sinus condition” or “problem breathing”.

Before the meeting or doctor’s appointment, be sure to have all your ducks in a row. That court held: “In a veteran’s claim for benefits, lay evidence can be competent and sufficient to establish a diagnosis of a condition when (1) a layperson is competent to identify the medical condition, [such as a broken leg, but not a form cancer], (2) the layperson is reporting a contemporaneous medical diagnosis, or (3) lay testimony describing symptoms at the time supports a later diagnosis by a medical professional.” This means the lay person cannot “render medical opinions, including etiology opionions,” but can provide testimony that is an eyewitness account of medical symptoms. You can be very general about the condition(s) or very specific. Or, you can be specific and state “sinusitis” if it is in your file.

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Imagine someone sending you a hand written, 300-page manuscript (doctor’s scribbles plus my own) and allowed you 4 hours to read it.