Automatic blog code java script updating

Posted by / 16-Mar-2017 07:48

We will add the following HTML code inside the existing form tag to create form.

In the form code above, we have used HTML5 validations like required & type=email which would not allow user to keep these fields blank or submit an invalid email.

You will have to fill in some information about your project and also the frontend library or backend language you will be building your app with.

The complete code for this tutorial is available on Github.We would create a new unique channel id for each of these entities to uniquely identify or group data like comments associated with any one of these.Two unique live streaming videos should also have separate channel so that we can show the respective live comments stream on their respective pages.We will also pass an object specifying the cluster and setting the flag encrypted to true so that all messaging & communication is encrypted.We will also use the to listen to all events for a specific channel.

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