Anime dating simulation games wiki

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Anime dating simulation games wiki

Seychelles is described as a country girl with a big heart who can sometimes be sloppy.

Her language is a unique type of French, mixing both French and English.Besuche uns doch gleich noch im Forum, weitere Informationen zu Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten findest hier im Wiki!Einmal im Monat hast Du auch die Gelegenheit, beim "OC Talk" dabei zu sein.In the main Hetalia comic, their relationship seems to be similar, as she, in Christmas 2011, wanted to prank call him (she even wanted to baton pass this labour to Cuba when she couldn't go further because of the cold weather).However, they are capable of getting along in the present day.

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Seychelles believes that her only abilities are to sing, dance, and make souvenirs.