5 least intimidating military uniforms

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The New Zealand Transport Authority spends m to avoid a death on the roads, spending the equivalent of only three times that on a key safety system for people sent into harms way seems a bit cavalier The Army has followed its usual bulk approach and bought enough to provide camouflage for the entire defence force.But actually we will only ever field 1000 troops at most.Personnel in ceremonial situations can suffer from cold or rain, or over-heating.Personnel in the field can suffer ill-health from rain and cold, parasites (esp sandflies or mosquitoes), infection from filth, drowning, over-heating, fire and smoke, and falls.Designers rarely talk to research and development who rarely talk to growers.Military Uniform contracts provide an excellent opportunity to bring together design, manufacture and growing interests to develop solutions which could readily be translated to the outdoor wear industry.One of the most dangerous things about body armour is it's weight. Heavy armour can drown people, slow them down or be such a hot and uncomfortable drag on long boring patrols that people don't wear it.During World War Two 66% of casualties were injured in the legs. This is not to say that armour is a waste of time as most casualties are caused by fragments but there is only so much it can do.

The Defence Force at present bases its uniforms on British traditions.

Rather than look like cockatoos it makes the defence force look like a professional, efficient and focused organisation with a tough job that does less strutting and more delivery.

All three ranks hats pack into minimal space, are practical, cheap to produce and require minimal maintenance.

By maintaining a constant research and development programme in conjunction with Univerities, CRIs, industry and growers the problem of military uniforms could become a significant industrial opportunity.

Defence forces wear uniforms in order to identify their unity of identity and purpose and to distinguish themselves from other defence forces.

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But as fighting forces they have always incorporated protection into their common appearance.

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