19 year old guy dating 26 year old

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19 year old guy dating 26 year old

In my late 20s I've dated girls who are 4-5 years younger than me, but we've gotten along well because we've been in the working world, on our own, for a while.

But in my mid 20s I dated a girl who was just out of college, (so only 2-3 years younger than me) so she was adjusting to life in a city, working a 9-5, living on her own, etc.

People grow at totally different rates and their experiences vastly differ.

Human relationships are incredibly complex and they depend a lot in many different factors.

The older you are, the less age means anything at all.

I don't know about you, but I when I was 21, I didn't know shit about shit (though I certainly thought I did).Those guys I find inappropriate and predatory, and there's usually a very simple explanation for it - they are complete losers who can only get laid getting teenagers drunk, and no woman their own age would have them. So, again, I don't disagree with what you're saying, but the "nothing in common" I see so often here sounds ridiculous to me.I don't disagree with what you're saying, but my point is, human relationships depend on too many factors to be discriminating by biological age using the sentence "you'll have nothing to talk about", when that's just not accurate and I see it all the time around here. You can have something in common with people of any age.Experience or common interests are binding points where people can make common cause, to say so, but there's a lot more that is happening.The point I brought up in my first post is that I see this a lot, human relationships being measured by the biological age and basically nothing else.

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If you have things in common, like any other couple, there's no reason it shouldn't work out.

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