100 free no yahoo needed cam sites

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100 free no yahoo needed cam sites

That’s right: any phone number you come across in an internet search, claiming to connect you with Yahoo customer care, is fake. routers are suspected at using my condominium unit see Comcast Linked in and Google and Sonesta condominium and other et al.

Here at the FTC, we’ve gotten reports that consumers who called these fake customer care numbers were offered “Yahoo customer care services” for a fee. Not only is my yahoo address is a scam address and Cannot be deleted but it is being used as a routerby outside entities for everyone else to send emails through my cell phone, television, and computer. My Condominium is being used as a router for other numbers of peoples to use. And then of use not to me but to everyone else in this building and 'village'.

Also for password change, the prompt should display the same info.

Had Yahoo had such a message at the password change request page or login, most users would have enough knowledge to detect the scammers.

When I told him I would contact Yahoo Tech through email he hung up.

I just talked to a number from India or Pakistan, they changed my password after my not being able to access my acct for 3 days , now they want to charge me, this is a scam , yahoo has no phone numbers Someone has created a Ya Yahoo account in my name and is using to sign up for bank accounts, as they have also stolen my identity.

If you drill down far enough on the Yahoo web site there is a way to send a message directly to Yahoo customer support and not have to go to the community.

Get them to answer that and help a trove of people to get access to their accounts if you really want to help.

Some say does not address issues they have with their Yahoo email accounts... I ended calling AT&T myself and changing my password. because the online chat service was busy and so was the CS people. 22, 2016" announced in the news, a very small percentage of successful "Yahoo customer care" can easily pull in millions of $$$.

Some Yahoo users tell me they get real action from yahoo when they "Resort to hiring a lawyer and threaten to sue in court." , some file a complaint with Better Business Bureau (BBB).... It was changed and I haven't had any problems anyway. Although I have Gmail, I don't feel any safer; we are all vulnerable, and this scam is scary as hell.

Now I'm wondering, and concerned as to what to do now. And I would also suggest having your computer checked to make sure he didn't put any programs on your computer, that could enable him to steal information. I am traveling to see her soon, but don't live close enough to address the situation.

I am just worried she will get confused and share personal information she shouldn't.

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Yahoo used to have a legitimate toll-free telephone number and they drop this option in December, 2013 When they did that yahoo opened the door for scammers to exploit this from desperate Yahoo customers. When I called, they asked me $449.99 but payment was stopped by Bank. I denied and I start getting different type of calls regarding computer issue and selling me tech support packages. This is one of the more brilliant and devious scams I have heard about in recent times.

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